Josh Fillis has been making art for as long as he can remember. As a teenager he was drawn to mixed media sculptures. One he remembers fondly included steel barrel rings he found in a creek that he screwed together to make a sphere, lined it with chicken wire, and wove fabric within. It was his statement on consumerism. After that, he began painting outside with landscapes influenced by the serenity of the rolling hills in Tennessee. He traveled into the abstract realm with a series of “Little Blue Men” inspired by his brother who was in a car accident as a baby; an accident that would leave his brother partially paralyzed. 

In 2014, Josh moved to San Diego. Captivated by the movement and adaptability of waves, he began his series “Watered Down” which you can see today. “When I’m working with water, it’s usually acrylics that are heavily watered down. When a stroke is made with water, a lot is left to chance and luck. Water is the luck part, because you cannot predict what will happen. The brushwork represents dedication, skill, and practice: things that are left up to us. And that’s life, really: a bit of hard work with a healthy amount of chance.” Josh has a permanent residence at Current Collective in Ocean Beach, CA.